As digital marketers start their journey into search engine optimization (SEO), they often focus their energy on finding keywords with high search volumes within the general business area of the company they do SEO for, and just go for it. Which is a good tactic if you are a huge…

Would you buy a “miracle cure” from someone you met outside your grocery store?


Then don’t purchase ads like that either.

When I started out in digital marketing back in 2012, organic reach was the thing: As long as you had some followers, all you needed was to post…

4 out of 5 hacking-related breaches in some way use stolen or weak passwords. Mostly, the targets aren’t huge companies with their own security department, but small to mid-size businesses that don’t have resources to have a whole team on it.

Reusing passwords is more dangerous for marketers

When you sit on 5-100 user logins to everything…

These are the fundamental basics that, for some reason, people both on the brand side and the agency side, seem to forget occasionally. Forgetting them leads to expensive campaigns that give no useable data in the end, and that can lead to critical problems later on. …

Marie Elena Mathisen

Been working in digital marketing industry for 8 years, both in the UK and in Norway.

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